Effective Philanthropy Core Concepts

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LearnEP is a practical step-by-step online learning course designed to help you both anchor your philanthropy and other funding for social impact on what most deeply matters to you, and also be effective in your funding.

We designed this course to help you keep it simple. You can work through all eight modules from beginning to end, or just go to a section that addresses your current needs and questions. All of the modules cover the core concepts and activities of effective philanthropy. It is our hope that you will come away from the course not only with clarity about your own values and vision, but that you also begin to frame your specific funding orientation.

Specifying why and how you operate can be shared with anyone, from your family to your grantees, privately or publicly.

While much of the course focuses on philanthropy, we suggest that you treat all of your funding components of your impact portfolio. In addition to giving to public charities, your impact portfolio may include supporting policy change or political candidates, or impact investing and social venture capital, in order to achieve your social goals.

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