Values Exercise

Take a moment to think about moments or life experiences that have shaped you — maybe someone you love has had an illness, maybe you’re really passionate about deserving young people getting a great education, maybe you love and want to protect nature?

Take a full silent one MINUTE to reflect on those formative experiences. 

Now doing a deeper dive into that — what are the VALUES that drive your passion for that topic or experience? Below is a list of commonly cited values to help you think. Try to narrow it down to the few which you relate to most strongly.

To help you select the values important to your giving, use the words in the list below. For couples and families, it can be helpful to do this activity individually first, and then share your responses and discuss areas of overlap and differences. You can also feel free to add in your own or drill down as necessary: 

CourageFairnessHealthLoveSelf-actualizationWell Being
DignityFaithHonorLoyaltyService(add your own)
DisciplineFamilyHumilityPassionSimplicity(add your own)